The Brillo Girls

The Bristol Edition: Thinking Of Place III

Episode Summary

Welcome back to The Brillo Girls, and bring on Season 2! This episode marks 1 of 3 special Bristol Edition episodes. YES, BRISTOL. The Brillo Girls will be joined by a returning and special guest host- Emma Stoneman. These special episodes will be part of Impact 12, an International Printmaking conference with our very own exhibition. Don't let us spoil the fun! Find out more about Thinking of Place III and the origins of a collective that may or may not have started at a bar... -- Thinking of Place III is an international collaborative print exhibition that involves 87 artists from 16 printmaking groups participating with new artworks. The exhibition invites artists to invoke a legend, myth, story or an aspect of ancestral heritage in relation to their personal identification with geography and environment. Cultural associations with concepts of land, country, colonisation and collective memories that adhere to places can thus be layered in potentially complex ways. This international collaboration represents individual responses to both specific localities and shared cultural legacies. w: f: e:

Episode Notes

See more of Laurel McKenzie  - InkMasters Cairns

See more of James Pasakos  - Goldfield Printmakers

See more of Prue MacDougall- North Island Printmakers New Zealand


Hosts: Antonietta Covino-Beehre & Emma Stoneman
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