The Brillo Girls

The Bristol Edition: It's Still Lingering with Penelope Stuart

Episode Summary

This episode marks 3 of 3 special Bristol Edition episodes. The Brillo Girls will be joined by a returning and special guest host- Emma Stoneman. A manifestation of time and space marks our final special edition episode! An empowering artist, Penelope Stuart joins the Girls in beautifully articulating her weaving journey of arts, early education, initiating a collective movement ... what else! As any artist understands, space in an installation is one of the many variables working alongside the pieces we create. Penelope gently reminds all of those listening ears - how do you respond to space? and if you have the time, it has many things to tell us. Sit and listen. Thank you for joining us on our Special Bristol Edition!

Episode Notes

See more of Penelope Stuart's work:

Hosts: Antonietta Covino-Beehre & Emma Stoneman
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