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The Bristol Edition: As Anything Goes with Suzannah & Gemma

Episode Summary

Welcome back! This episode marks 2 of 3 special Bristol Edition episodes. Jump on over to episode 1 to check out why we're in Bristol. Emma Stoneman, a previous guest, will return to the show to co-host with The Brillo GIrls for not 1 more episode but 2 more! What happens when you put a ceramist and a print maker in a 24 hour session? And better yet- what happens when you have two uniquely different practices join forces in works of collaboration? Inseparable match. That's what we thought! Famous repeat offenders of collaboration, still wild and free - enjoy the mysteries of the process of the never-ending and evolving big bag of ...

Episode Notes

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Hosts: Antonietta Covino-Beehre & Emma Stoneman
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